Frequently asked questions

Domain registration 

What kind of domain can be registered?

Only the Domain Names satisfying the following requirements can be registered under a General Domain:

(i) can only be registered under the name of any natural person or legal entity;

(ii) – can only be registered under the name of general educational institutions/schools and higher educational institutions;

(iii) can only be registered under the name of not-for-profit organizations;

(iv) - can only be registered under the name of organizations which are network providers or their activities are related to electronic communications;

(v) can only be registered under the name of private individuals; (

(vi) .school- can only be registered under the name of general educational institutions/schools;,  and   Registrar is obliged to upload a document  (PDF) confirming the General Domain Demand Document within 7 days.In case you do not provide the required documents, the existing domain will be cancelled.

What symbols can be used for choosing a domain?

 Requirements for the Domain Names:

(i) The Domain Name may only contain numbers (0-9), dashes and Latin letters, and its combination;

(ii) The Domain Name with capital and lowercase letters are not differentiated between;

(iii) The Domain Name shall not start and end with a dash; (iv) The minimum number of symbols for Domain Name is 2 (two) and maximum- 63 (sixty-three).

In what time wil be activated domain after successfull  payment?

Domain registration and activation occurs instantly upon completion of registration.

Domain Transfer

What is Domain Transfer

Domain transfer means to transfer the domain from one registrar to the second registrar's account.

How can I implement a domain transfer?

(I) Generate the transfer code;
(Ii) Sign up or log on to;
(Iii) Enter the name and transparency code on the transfer page;
(IV) Pay the Domain Fee;
(V) Domain Transfer process will be completed in automatic mode.

How much does it cost to transfer the domain?

The domain transfer from Caucasus Online is free. During the transfer procedure you only pay for domain ownership extension for 1 year minimum.   Also, in case you have left the definitive amount of plan before the expiration of your current plan with previous registrator, the remaining time limit automatically will be added to the newly purchased plan.

How can I give out the Domain?

The domain give out procedure is the same as transfer procedure. Generate the transfer code and send it to the person you are giving your domain.  After the domain transfer request, you will get the  e-mail conformation and once confirmed, the domain transfer procedure is finalized. 

What is Internal Transfer?

Internal transfer includes  to transfer your domain for other users of

How much does it cost?

Internal transfer from is free.


What does the field NS mean?

At least two servers (primary and secondary DNS) are required for domain registration. In this field, you must specify servers that provide domain functionality.